Today we are going to feature some of the best hotel websites that are built on WordPress. These are outstanding examples of the power of WordPress and the amazing results that can be achieved. I’ve picked a mix of sites which feature some very high-end hotels, private lodges and even a hostel.

With the growth of 3rd parties such as and Airbnb hotels often neglect their own websites. So this makes it even nicer when you come across a truly outstanding site that not only makes your booking easier but guarantees it!

From beautiful content to elegant interfaces we have picked these 5 hotel websites for sheer quality, functionality and flair. I hope you enjoy the list!

The Mere Resort, UK

The Mere Resort, UK

The Mere Resort website is very elegant and effortless. The use of subtle micro-interactions enhance the overall experience and the process of finding what you are after is very simple. My criticism would be that the ‘Find us’ page isn’t easy to find! Also, an HTTPS connection is needed. View the Mere Website.


The Gleneagles Hotel, UK

The Gleneagles Hotel

Probably one of the most creative sites listed the Gleneagles uses some wonderful illustrations to create a really unique feel which works very well. The photography is also outstanding throughout. Visit the Gleneagles Website.


Auberge Internationale de Québec, Canada

Auberge Internationale de Québec

The Auberge Internationale de Québec website is on the other end of the scale to the others listed. That doesn’t make it any less, in fact, the interface is very clean, intuitive and excels in creating a seamless booking experience. Visit the Auberge Internationale de Québec Website.


The Gerald, Australia

The Gerald Australia

The Gerald website is a balance of elegance and modern design with a beautifully simple interface. The page transition and menu animation is very nice and adds a subtle touch. Visit The Gerald Website.


Hideout Lodge, USA

Hideout Lodge

One of my favourites, the Hideout Lodge is a lovely balance of all the above. It is clean, elegant, intuitive and has some nice interactions and transitions to enhance the overall experience. Visit the Hideout Lodge Website.


Follow us for more WordPress features, we regularly write features when we come across outstanding sites. Do you have a site that you think should be part of this list? Let us know in the comments and we may include it in our next article.