Since the launch of Affinity Designer we have pretty much replaced Adobe Illustrator with it, the smoothness and speed win every time and as we only use it for basic illustrators and designs we found the toolsets more than sufficient.

The only thing Affinity Designer wasn’t brilliant at was UX/UI design, something we use Sketch for. We have been hoping for some updates to address the lack of focus on UX/UI design as we prefer the overall feel of Affinity Designer over Sketch.

It looks like we have got what we wished for, Ash from Affinity released this short preview of Affinity Designer 1.5 in June and it looks incredible! With 1.5 coming out very soon we are super excited for the UX/UI features and hope to start using Affinity Designer on some web/app projects in the future.

Affinity Designer 1.5 is due for release in the App store in August/September 2016 so keep your eyes open. Also its Affinity Photos birthday today!