I was introduced to the artist Dianthe Chirino a couple of months ago after consulting on a web project, since I have visited her exhibition at the Trispace Gallery in London and really began to appreciate her work. What really appeals about Dianthe’s work is the calmness of the art, the colours and eloquent realism create a relaxed scene that really appeals to the viewer.

Dianthe has a range of art including a fantastic self portrait, landscape and still life pieces.

The painter works in her Florence based studio and ‘en plein air’, mostly on commissions for private and corporate collections. She also organises landscape painting courses and painting retreats in the coastal area of Tuscany. In 2011 she was awarded a grant by the Prince Bernard Cultural Fund in the Netherlands and was commissioned to give a lecture in the Dutch Caribbean. She was a consultant for the Plein Air Curaҫao Art Festival 2011, during which she also gave workshops.

See more of Dianthe Chirino’s work on her website