To me it has always been a dream to drive along the French Riviera – I’ve never been one for beach holidays, the risk of unknown adventure has always had a magical appeal to me. However driving the French Riviera is just an absolute must for anyone doing a European road trip. The wealth, sights, atmosphere and sea are just the definition of ‘the life’.

It doesn’t have to be all glamorous, and by no means do you need to be wealthy to enjoy the French Riviera. A drive through Monaco is certainly a motivating experience not that dissimilar to the likes of South Kensington just better weather and ocean of course. The drive into Italy is particularly specular, sticking to road right on the sea front, cutting through cliff face and winding towards Bordighera.

The pictures are from various locations along the French Riviera, we visited during the first week of September to travel into Italy. To me this was an ideal time to be there, most the heavy tourist scene had died down and the weather was perfect.