Developing an effective London SEO strategy is not easy, or a one-time job, especially when you’re up against numerous different competitors in the bustling capital. All businesses need to leverage their online presence in a way that attracts a greater audience. Nonetheless, this is easier said than done; so, we’ll walk you through the essentials.

In terms of local SEO and rankings, the reigning search engine Google prioritises a few main factors, like how prominent your business is, how far it is from central locations in the area, and if it is relevant to what local prospects are looking for.

How is Local SEO Different?

Businesses have gotten used to the demands of traditional SEO, which involves making bids and ranking higher on SERPs. Comparatively, local SEO helps provide users with results based on their current location.

Now that more members of your target audience rely on smartphones and voice-based searches to scour out the best local solution, you need to level up your online presence for neighboring areas. According to HubSpot, a whopping 78 percent of local search queries lead to an offline purchase.

Here’s What You Need to do

Google My Business Search Result in London

Enhance Your Business Listing with ‘Google My Business’

Google My Business dashboard assists brands in managing individual listings and helps them customize how their name and associated results show up on SERPs. Optimising your Google My Business Listing gives your brand a better chance of appearing on Local Finder results, along with features like the ‘map box.’

Local Landing Page

Develop a Local Landing Page

Thanks to local SEO, consumers can search for services and products near their location, so your brand can increase visibility with a specific local landing page. You can improve it with specific locations containing geographical keywords, and location-focused meta titles and content. With an optimized local landing page, you’ll drive prospects to your site first, and then to your business’ location. If you are a franchising business it might be worth building local business websites for each franchise location so you can focus on local SEO for each.

Local Reviews On Google

Garner More Reviews from Customers

Word-of-mouth marketing, like reviews, is a consumer’s best friend in helping them make an informed purchase. Therefore, gathering a large amount of positive feedback and reviews for your products or services should be a priority.

It establishes your brand as a reliable and trustworthy one, so try incorporating ways to ask customers to leave reviews; plenty of people feel more than happy to recommend a brand when they’ve had a pleasant experience.

Remember To Dos

Whenever you make changes to your brand’s local London SEO plan, you’ll need to double-check a few things that can have a massive impact on the impression you make.

  • Add your business’ name to local directories to enhance visibility among a greater audience, and even participate in local community events to increase brand awareness. Despite these domains not being as popular, they still count.
  • Emphasize on your social media marketing strategy to generate a larger following on various (relevant) platforms. This way, you’ll be reaching maximum potential while retaining engagement with an online audience.
  • Make sure that your company’s contact and location information remains consistent on your search engine listing, as well as your business website.

Work on Your WebPages

Don’t forget, your business scores points for optimising your local web pages with London SEO. This means that you need to add location-specific geographical keywords to local-centred pages. You will, however, need to make changes to header tags, page titles, and the page URL if you intend to make your brand seen.

Helpful Tactics

  • Build external and internal links to your webpages to help Google better understand the content on a page
  • Add videos and images that are optimized with keywords and relevant to the content
  • Refrain from using lengthy URLs; keep it short and use keywords so that customers can remember the content
  • Enhance location relevance by incorporating Google Maps in your business’ contact page

User Experience is essential for both desktop & mobile.

User experience refers to what your website looks like, but in terms of SEO, it has everything to do with how it works. Google always prefers websites that have intuitive navigation and layouts, fast response speed and a clear call to action. So you need to have all this to reach customers in the first place and also ensure that the potential customers who find you convert into paying customers.

Developing your website so that it responds to users’ requests is technical on-page SEO; a Local London SEO developer can perform a detailed assessment to see if it offers the experience consumers are looking for.

There’s so Much To Do

Looking over your business’ local London SEO is a full-time job on its own because of how dynamically the customer journey is changing, you’ll need a dedicated team to handle this task if you intend to compete in London while maintaining great product development at the same time. Local London SEO can be the key to your business growth; you just need to leverage it the right way!

Talk to us about how we can help with you maximise your local SEO efforts and achieve those top positions in London.