MailChimp supports multiple users even on a free account so it surprises us how many people still share login details for their MailChimp accounts. Whether you need to add coworkers to your MailChimp account or you want to seamlessly switch between your client’s accounts without having to log in and out, using multiple users is the perfect way to achieve this.

This guide will explain step by step how to add more users to your account or you can simply send this guide to someone who manages an account you need access to without having to ask for login details and get stuck with 2 step logins. You should add a user for each person that needs to access your MailChimp account to keep recordability if something goes wrong and also security if someone leaves your organisation.

How to add users to your MailChimp account?

We will show you step by step, please note that this may be slightly different depending on if MailChimp makes changes to the process.

Step 1

Log in to your account, as you are adding a user you will need to be an account admin. Go to to log in.

Once logged in click on your user profile in the top left corner of the screen and select ‘Account’:

Select Account - Mailchimp


Step 2

On the account page click ‘Settings’ and then ‘Users’:

Users MailChimp


Step 3

Once in the user’s settings you can simply click ‘Invite’:

Invite user MailChimp


Step 4

You can now invite a new user, you will need their email address to do this. Carefully think about what access your user will need before selecting and inviting. If you aren’t sure then add them as a ‘Viewer’. MailChimp explains what each user type can do.

Add user to MailChimp

You are done!

Now you have added a new user they will need to accept the invitation by confirming an email link. When you have access to multiple MailChimp accounts you can switch between them from your profile icon in the top left corner of the dashboard.

Switch accounts in MailChimp