For years WordPress has made running websites ease, affordable and relatively safe. If you know what you are doing you can install WordPress within minutes but most people who look towards WordPress often don’t have the knowledge to setup their own server and install WordPress. A lot of hosts now target just WordPress users with dedicated WordPress hosting and one click installs.

This is all well and good but anyone who works with WordPress knows installing WordPress is just the first step to setting up a new WordPress site. You have plugins, settings, and various other factors to think about when installing WordPress which end up eating into your time.

Last summer we launched CloudCanvas, a fully managed WordPress platform. At first, we underestimated just how much time CloudCanvas could save us, not just setting up clients sites but also run our own sites

What does a WordPress Platform provide?

Ease of use

A WordPress platform should take away the technical aspects that come with a WordPress site but leave the user with full control over their site. We wanted users to be able to deploy a new site within seconds that is ready to work out the box.

Security and updates

Security and updates also played a huge part, we wanted security and updates to be managed behinds the scenes leaving our users to just use their site without the worry of updates, conflicts and security upkeep.


Just like updates and security, backups are managed in the background so no need to pay for a backup server. Want a secondary backup option anyway? No problem just connect up to Jetpack and activate backups.

Premium Themes and Plugins

A WordPress platform can give users access to premium themes and plugins ready to activate right from their dashboard. No need to install, worry about renewal fees, updates or conflicts when using a WordPress platform.


Imagine a fully integrated CDN that automatically serves all your static content such as images, video, PDF and more from a content delivery network. All you have to do is upload your media as you always have done.

A WordPress platform can take full advantage of a dedicated setup with CDN, CloudFlare integration, and high-speed SSD servers.


Although initially, a WordPress platform may seem more expensive when compared to Hostgator or Godaddy but when you weigh in all the included plugins, server performance and support it actually works out a hell of a lot cheaper. CloudCanvas personal plans are just £10 per month, where a coverpage plan is only £5 per month.


A WordPress platform is a great solution for bloggers, businesses, and most WordPress users. It may not be suitable for WordPress power users but can actually have some huge cost potential for small web design agencies.  Using a managed WordPress platform can save you money and allow you to concentrate on your site without having to worry about all the technical aspects.

Checkout CloudCanvas a fully managed WordPress platform