Frangeli House. Hotel Website Development.

Our goal was to simplify and bring the Frangeli House website up to date and include functionality to allow instant pricing for events and accommodation enquiries. Overall we wanted to make things easier for Frangeli by replacing time-consuming administration tasks with automated systems. This also gives potential customers the information they want in an easy to access format.


  • Redesign and develop the Frangeli website
  • Incorporate dynamic enquiry forms with conditional pricing options
  • Clarify the core services and deliver vital information in as little clicks as possible
  • Marry the image and tone of the website with the venue
  • Improve SEO for broad keywords

What we did

We developed a WordPress based site that is also hosted on our CloudCanvas platform. The site is designed to make information for the core services quickly accessible. We also developed enquiry forms with conditional pricing calculations so potential customers can see how much events and accommodation will cost without having to send a message or call.


Launched in August 2018 Frangeli House has already received 3 awards for best UI, UX and innovative designs from the CSS Awards. We have also seen steady improvements in SERPs for various keywords such as ‘Philippine Wedding Venues’.

The Frangeli site serves as a benchmark for event venue and hotel websites in the Philippines, where progress to adapt to online technologies is slow. The website is constantly growing become a core part of marketing at Frangeli House.




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