Fundraising Blueprint. Members Subscription Website Development.

The Fundraising Blueprint is a small business in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire that helps non-profits and charities remain compliant in their fundraising efforts. The site is a membership site that gives access to a range of documents and a Fundraising Blueprint for a small monthly or annual fee. The site was designed and developed by CloudCanvas and Lakewood. Lakewood also provides on-going SEO services to Fundraising Blueprint.


  • Develop a members-only website with restricted content.
  • Create a membership payment subscription with automatic renewals.
  • Design and develop the front-facing website.

What we did

  • Developed a robust membership system that allows members to easily signup and gain instant access to the Fundraising Blueprint documents.
  • Created a private content area where PDFs are readable on-site with limited access to download and print, protecting the content.
  • Used Stripe to process payments automatically and grant access to members automatically.
  • Provide on-going SEO support to target the UK.
  • Provided a stable and fast hosting solution on our CloudCanvas platform.


The Fundraising Blueprint has already received recognition from the CSS Design Awards and Awwwards. We are still working with the Fundraising Blueprint to this day on their SEO. Launched in November 2018 the Fundraising Blueprint has grown rapidly.