Tanzania Sports WordPress Development & Consultancy

Lakewood has been working with Tanzania Sports since 2012. We have helped Tanzania Sports grow from a small blog into one of the most visited news websites in Tanzania and throughout the global Swahili speaking community. Tanzania Sports has grown at a rate of over 500% per year since we designed and developed their first site in 2012. Lakewood is now a core part of the Tanzania Sports brand and helps with daily operations and new developments.


  • Expand the Tanzania Sports brand
  • Migrate 5000+ articles from two sites to a dedicated server and single WordPress environment.
  • Move 5000+ images and video to AWS services and deliver via a content delivery network
  • Secure the entire site with HTTPS
  • Integrate advertising

What we did

  • Design and develop a WordPress Sports Theme
  • Built a customisable content editor
  • Built advertising areas to handle various advertisements
  • Develop a multisite network and private members site
  • Integrated Football league statistics and tables
  • Set up a content delivery network through AWS


  • Tanzania Sports is now a leading Swahili sports new publisher
  • The entire network now runs on a fully managed dedicated server
  • All content is now served from a content delivery network automatically
  • All content is secured with HTTPS

We migrated all articles from two different websites into one WordPress environment, all media was migrated to a separate AWS S3 bucket and delivered through a Cloudfront CDN.

Our first aim was to build a system that is rock solid and easy to use, we wanted the editors of Tanzania Sports to enjoy creating content and the readers to have a seamless experience on the frontend.

We created new post types to manage the growing number of articles on the site, the majority of content is sports reports on football games from around Tanzania and the English Premier League. The other core area of the website is to promote sports within Tanzania so we created dedicated sections for these articles, making the administration easier and more streamlined.