TLC Buddy Using WordPress & WooCommerce to bring a unique art brand to market

When we first met artist Dawn Ford of TLC buddy we were taken away by the passion she has for her work. TLC buddy is an art studio in Hereford run by Dawn Ford, TLC buddy create keepsakes and artwork available for sale on their website and for commissioning.


  • Establish a brand fro TLC Buddy to build upon
  • Design a WordPress & WooCommerce theme
  • Adapt the artwork to form a digital logo

What we did

  • We utilised a page builder to allow easy editing without access to the theme code.
  • Designed a site for TLC Buddy using the CloudCanvas WordPress Platform.
  • Designed a logo using scanned artwork to form a digital version of the print logo.




WordPress Consultancy, Design

“Whatever you Dream You Can Do, Begin It.”

TLC buddy had an existing website that wasn’t working for them for a number of reasons. Dawn wanted to be able to sell her artwork and keepsakes online easily and manage the site herself without having to contact a web designer each time a change was needed.

We designed and developed a WordPress website for TLC buddy with Woocommerce used to manage the eCommerce system making it easy for TLC buddy to add artwork to the website and manage orders with little to no training required.

When we started working with TLC buddy we noticed that there was a lack of brand identity, we created a brand using the artwork that Dawn had sent us along with ideas from the business card she was currently using.

We arranged to photography sessions with TLC buddy to ensure that we have the feel of the art studio in the website. While on location we also decided to shoot a short video of Dawn Ford creating some artwork, this video was then edited to make a 20-second looping video on the frontpage of the TLC buddy website. The video helps display the passion Dawn puts into her artwork while creating a mesmerising effect to draw visitors into the site.