This week we launched a brand new service by Lakewood called WP Helper. WP Helper is a WordPress maintenance and support service for any WordPress powered website. We launched WP Helper to target the growing number of WordPress powered websites globally which is now estimated at over 26% of all websites in the world.

WP Helper allows us to offer a dedicated WordPress service for self hosted WordPress, we will offer a range of one off support services and monthly maintenance and support plans. By launching WP Helper we can be much more competitive and affordable in the WordPress support market by offering one off WordPress support services such as installations, malware removal, migrations and much more.

We will be launching many new additions to WP Helper over the coming months such as Sucuri included with all maintenance plans. We will also be implementing automated payments into the WP Helper website so you can signup for a maintenance plan instantly.

WP Helper is all part of our process of refocusing Lakewood’s businesses, by delegating parts of our business to independent service we can offer much more competitive prices and better focused customer support to the appropriate areas.

Visit the WP Helper website at

We will be offering a range of WordPress support services on a one off ‘as needed’ basis without limiting one off services to 30 minute small jobs, something that none of our competitors are currently doing. One off jobs can be booked directly on the WP Helper website, at the moment we will review the job and send an invoice that is payable via PayPal or credit or debit card.  Over the coming month we will accept payments directly on our site that are specific to your support request.

Interested in WP Helper WordPress Support and Maintenance?

If you are already a client of ours we will be offering a discount for WP Helper and WP Helper will be an optional extra for new projects that are WordPress based. Email [email protected] if you are a interested.

Does it work with our CloudCanvas Websites? CloudCanvas websites are all fully managed as they are and all plans come with basic support so there isn’t really a need for WP Helper on a CloudCanvas website. If you use CloudCanvas and think you will need lots of constant dedicated support then we can certainly design a support plan for you, just email [email protected] for more info.

Go to the WP Helper by clicking the button below, let us know your comments on our facebook or twitter pages.