Pricing Structure

At Lakewood, we price all jobs according to a few factors such as the time it takes to complete, the skillset required, expenses expected and level of urgency. Our base hourly rate is currently £65 and this is what our pricing is based upon. All jobs are based on a project plan and timeline, this allows us to estimate the amount of time it will take to complete a project and price it accordingly. You will receive a quote and project outline plan before any work is started, you must also accept our Terms Of Contract, you can view a sample of our Terms Of Contract here. Below you can see some of our billing options, all projects are unique so we can’t say how much your project will cost until we have assessed your requirements. To get a quote for your project please complete our project planner.


Timeslip Billing

Timeslip billing is a method we utilise on many content management and SEO projects where our clients don’t have a set monthly time requirement, as there is no contracted monthly fee, the fee each month will be based on the exact amount of time worked on the project. This can result in lower costs when little work is required but can also mean the monthly cost is more when the workload is high.

You will receive an invoice at the beginning of each month with all the timeslips from your project, you can also request Time Sheets throughout the month to see what work has been completed. We only utilise timeslip billing when a Direct Debit has been established to automatically process payments when the invoice is issued. Timeslips are billed to the exact time and task, the based hourly rate for timeslips is £65 per hour, this can be more with certain projects and tasks.


Fixed Billing

For smaller projects such as web design or development for small businesses we often produce a fixed project costing, this means that the client will pay a fixed price for the work with 50% deposit paid upfront and the remaining balance paid on the completion of the project. For very small projects less than £600 we require the full balance to be paid before the project starts.

Fixed billing is useful if the project is small and completed within a small timeframe but not well suited to large ongoing projects. We require content and project assets to be provided by a certain date with fixed project billing, failure to provide assets within the deadline will result in delays and further costs caused by any delays.


Contracted Billing

Contracted billing is usually used for services such as Managed WordPress Hosting,  WordPress support and SEO Services. Contracted Billing is often combined with Timeslip billing, the core services such as SEO will be contracted where the content management, for example, is billed with timeslips. Contracted Billing is usually paid monthly via a Direct Debit or with a Credit or Debit card agreement.

SEO Plans & Pricing

We believe in a transparent pricing structure that is flexible and adaptable for all projects from small one-off to large ongoing, our monthly SEO plans are billed on a date of your choosing or at the begging of each month.

See Our SEO Plans

Pricing for Nonprofits

We admire anyone who works for the good of others and we want to keep your good work going. We offer a variety of discounts and free services for nonprofit charities and organisations, we don’t have a set discount rate but instead assess each project for nonprofits individually and provide a range of discounts and complimentary services.

If you are a nonprofit organisation then please get in touch with us to see what we can do for you, email [email protected].

General FAQs

What payment methods do we accept?

We accept almost all forms of payment including; PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and all other major credit and debit cards we also accept BACS, Direct Debit in the UK.

We don’t, however, accept cheque or cash unless a prior agreement has been made.

Do we offer ongoing support?

Yes, all our services are backed up with dedicated support. You will be allocated an account manager who will take care of your support questions.

We also offer WordPress Support and Maintenance plans through our service WP Helper.

Can we schedule a meeting?

We love to meet new and prospective clients, we can arrange a meeting anywhere in Herefordshire or London or Manila, Philippines. Depending on the project we can arrange to meet anywhere in the Worldwide if the project budget permits.

Can we pay in monthly instalments?

Many of our services are billed monthly such as our SEO Services, we can set up monthly payments for most quotes but this will involve a full credit check and payment to be setup via a Direct Debit or payment plan where the payment is automatically taken each month.

What is CloudCanvas?

CloudCanvas is a Lakewood project, it is a website platform designed to make managing and running WordPress websites easy and affordable. You can put any website on CloudCanvas and we will also set up and design your CloudCanvas website if you wish.

Visit CloudCanvas

Where is Lakewood based?

We are based in the UK and are registered in the UK. Our main office is in London. We started out in Herefordshire and still work from Hereford. We also have staff in South East Asia, more specifically in Metro Manila, Philippines.