Lakewood media is a digital consultancy agency based in Herefordshire, UK and Manila, Philippines. Our primary services are WordPress Consultancy, SEO Services,  WordPress design and development, content marketing.


Whether you need a WooCommerce store or a complex web application, we can build it for you with clean, efficient code. We bake the best security and performance practices into all our development projects, making sure your project will be compliant, SEO ready and ready for future updates.


Our design process begins with the vision you have for your website or, building upon your requirements we create web designs that don’t just look pretty but drive user actions. User experience is at the heart of all our design projects. We research the best method of delivering your users from the first entry point to the final action, whether that is a sale or a lead.

Content Management

Our content marketing services help move your audience to action, gain online exposure and turn visitors into followers. We research your content and build content plans that will drive traffic to your website and build social links through shares and interaction.

SEO Services

We build robust white hat SEO strategies that not only deliver #1 results on SERP but to also improve click through rate (CTR) and increase leads and sales. Our SEO plans are tailor made to your site, industry and targets to ensure that we not only improve position on the SERP but ensure that your site remains at the top. We provide SEO services that give you lasting results.

WordPress Consultancy

We provide flexible and robust WordPress solutions from fully managed systems to code review and audits. WordPress has become an integral part of our business and many of our businesses are entirely based around WordPress such as WP Helper and CloudCanvas. We are based in Herefordshire, UK with remote team members in South East Asia, South America and the USA to provide 24/7 support.

Photography and Photo Editing

The visual impact of websites and branding is all important these days. Quality photography, pictures and graphics are as important as the written message. We offer our clients a comprehensive photography service. Whatever your requirements, be it a specially commissioned landscape for a marketing campaign or retouching and editing of existing photographs, we can meet your needs.

Print Media

Print media still has a place in this digital world of ours and we have been working with print since our beginning. Whatever your business needs, from brochures, leaflets and stationery to a 1000 page catalogue we can design, manage, and even co-ordinate printing for your project.