WordPress Consultancy Services

WordPress has become a web behemoth, powering over 27% of all websites online from hobby blogs to some of the biggest news and enterprise websites in existence. As open source software, WordPress is free in itself but can become a cumbersome, expensive problem if investment isn’t made in the correct infrastructure and planning isn’t made to expand and maintain your installation.

Why Choose Lakewood?

We have been working with WordPress for over 8 years and have managed and consulted on thousands of WordPress projects and created many of our own. WordPress has become an integral part of our business and many of our businesses are entirely based around WordPress such as WP Helper and CloudCanvas. We are based in Herefordshire, UK with remote team members in South East Asia, South America and the USA to provide 24/7 support.


Large WordPress website require complex server stacks to run efficiently, we can help design an affordable, fast and secure solution that can scale with your business. We work with many leading services such as AWS and the Google Cloud Platform.


Moving large WordPress sites can be a complex process, our team can manage your migration even if you are migrating a non-WordPress site to a WordPress installation.


Along with migrations, we can also help expand and your current server environment, from content delivery network implementations to WordPress Multisite Networks we can help assist.


Online security is more important than ever, we can harden your installation and infrastructure and consult on security systems.

Support & Maintenance

WP Helper is a service created by us, it is a premium WordPress support and maintenance service for all types of WordPress websites.

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CloudCanvas Platform

CloudCanvas is our Premium Managed WordPress Hosting Platform designed for small to medium websites, CloudCanvas is an affordable solution that provides a high level of security, performance and includes premium plugins and themes.

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Fully Managed WordPress Services

Our fully managed services aren’t just about super fast, secure hosting but also about monitoring and consulting on every aspect of your site. Our fully managed services are designed to provide 100% availability, optimised, secure and fully support WordPress for enterprise level websites.

Infrastructure Built For Growth

Instantly Scalable

We work with your development team to implement scalable solutions that can handle any amount of traffic. Whether it's a streaming service or the next viral business we can build solutions that can handle your traffic and auto scale when needed.

Always Secure

Never worry about security, we will implement the strictest security practices at every level from 2-factor authentication for administrator logins to DDoS protection and server firewalls.


We will optimise your setup to outperform the best and provide a smooth user experience and SEO friendly load time for global users. We will also monitor your server response and uptime constantly.



Multiple daily offsite backups and server replication to cover you for almost any disaster.

DDoS Mitigation

This is standard for all our systems. Our DDoS system works by dynamically routing traffic from your server when an attack is detected. Attack detection is fully automated based on proprietary detection algorithms, filtering attack traffic while clean traffic is able to reach your servers.

Plugin & Theme Code Review

We will review your plugin and theme code to ensure it is 100% compliant and secure.

Security Training

Your team will be guided on daily security practises that can help prevent low-level hacking attempts.

WordPress Consultancy by Lakewood Media

Focus on your site visitors and content, not backend operations.

We manage your entire site from the WordPress updates to the backups, migrations and servers. Never see another control panel or command terminal again, instead, your team can concentrate making your visitors experience even better.

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WP Helper is a WordPress Support & Maintenance Service by Lakewood.

WP Helper is our WordPress support and maintenance service. If you don’t expect more than 200k visitors per month WP Helper might bet a better fit for your site. Contact us if you are unsure what is best for your WordPress website.

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