Web Security Services

Our web security experts help you to secure your online websites and application from getting hacked and breached.

Web Security Services

Web Security Enhancement & Audit Services

Security is one of the most significant issues in online space. We hear frequent news in our day-to-day operations about online scams and frauds. These scams are happening due to the carelessness of webmasters and a lack of awareness about web security vulnerabilities.

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SQL Injections

It is a type of web security attack where hackers use application code to access your database. If they succeed then they can add, edit or delete content on your website. This is a big threat to an online business.

Broken Authentication and Session Management

Sometimes due to low internet connectivity or other issues, we are unable to complete a transaction and closes the PC. At times hackers can identify the sessions and misuse your identity to make transactions.

Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

In this hackers used to send a request for an unauthorised application that can be authenticated by the previous session in the browser such as logins through Facebook or Twitter. In this, the user can be tricked to perform an action that he didn't intend to. Target applications are social media sites, web-based email clients or banking apps.

Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

In this, a user is tricked within a pre using application. Hacker injects codes into apps which took users to some malicious websites or unauthorised apps.

Security Misconfiguration

Security misconfiguration in a web application may lead to many vulnerabilities. This happens you we use some unreliable component or application which are using clean and secure code. These can lead you to huge security issues later on.

Insecure Direct Object References

A web app may expose a reference to internal implementation objects. It can be database records, files, system keys and records. Hackers can use these references to access user data and manipulate.

Ensure your website and server are completely secure and protected against attackers with our security consultation and audit services. You may also be interested in our WordPress support & maintenance plans which provide security services as part of the plan.

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