Photo Editing and Retouching Services

The visual impact of websites and branding is all important these days. Quality photography, pictures and graphics are as important as the written message. Lakewood has been providing professional image editing services since 2013, we have worked on editorial spreads to product photography retouching and optimising. Our team is capable of handling all levels of photo editing and manipulation.

Photo Editing and Retouching Services

From removing unwanted objects in your images to retouching product photography. We offer full, non-destructive retouching and photo editing services. We can supply final work in any format required and always supply unflattened files in any format you require. We can also optimise product photography for web and even upload directly for you.

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Our Photo Editing Services

Photo Cleaning

Simple image spot removal, touchups, object removal and enhancing.

Background Removal

Removal of colour screens, backgrounds, etc to produce a clean white background.

Image Remastering

A complete remastering of images, from product photography to editorial photos.

Our team can manage just about any kind of photo editing and manipulation so get in touch with us below to discuss your project.

“My first contact with Lakewood followed my internet search for a company or individual capable of editing a photo from a recent special birthday dinner, where one guest had not noticed the dress code until it was too late. He felt terrible – but I was convinced someone out there could work some magic. The team at Lakewood reacted very quickly and professionally – and were able to deliver exactly the photo I had hoped for within 48 hours of my original email. They actually completed the work over the bank holiday weekend – and the smile on our friend’s face, and ours, was priceless!”

– Andrew McKinna


How much do you charge per hour?

Our hourly rate is £60 for photo editing and manipulation. It is often cheaper to book work in at a fixed rate where we can cap the costs for you.

What do I need to provide?

We always require the RAW file if you have access to it. If not the original image from the camera with no compression or resizing. We can provide you with an upload area if the image is too large for an email. We will also need all accompanying assets needed to complete the work.

How much can I expect to pay?

Without seeing the image and the work required it is impossible to give a set price for all work. Usually, simple retouching takes 15-20 minutes per image and heavier manipulations such as removing large objects or people from an image can take over 2 hours. We bill to the second if charged hourly, we never round-up costs for some small jobs our hourly rates can be cheaper. Minimum cost is usually £30-£60.

What format can we provide final artwork in?

Final artwork can be provided in almost all formats, we always conduct non-destructive work so you will also have the original sent back. We don’t often arrange print unless the project is large.