WordPress Hosting & Infrastructure Management

When it comes to WordPress hosting there are no cutting corners, you want a server stack that will handle huge spikes in traffic and scale with your site at a competitive price. At Lakewood we pride ourselves on our bespoke WordPress hosting solutions that are designed for each customer. From high traffic blogs to busy ecommerce stores we can build a hosting solution for you that is fully managed using nothing but the very latest technologies.

We also provide bespoke WooCommerce Hosting Solutions

Advanced WordPress Hosting Architecture For Performance, Security And Stability

This isn’t off-the-shelf shared hosting, we build each solution for our client’s specific needs, not just their current needs but hosting that will scale with their business model. Our bespoke WordPress hosting promises a blazing fast infrastructure that is built to provide a scalable, secure and fully managed solution for your WordPress website.

Infrastructure Built For Growth

Latest Intel Servers

We only work with the latest Intel-powered servers.

Low Latency Locations

Deploy your server in over 15 locations around the globe in low latency datacentres.

Solid-state drives

Our WordPress hosting utilises nothing but the fastest SSD storage for the absolute best performance and lower power consumption.

Dedicated Solutions

Depending on your needs we can build a dedicated instance with no noisy neighbours.

Managed Backups

Rest assured knowing your data is safe, we back up at frequencies that match your needs from multiple backups each hour 24/7 to daily backups.

Dedicated Resources

Our WordPress hosting uses private servers with dedicated resources, you won't share CPU and RAM with other customers.


Start with a server that meets your current needs and scale instantly when needed, a more cost-effective solution.

Security Baked In

Our WordPress hosting configurations are designed to be secure from the ground up.

Fast Stacks

Choose your configuration from Nginx in front of Apache to pure Nginx stacks. We optimise for WordPress and your needs.

Firewall By Default

Optimised server-side firewall to ensure that the entire system is tightened, not just WordPress.


HTTP/2 multiplexes the transfer of web page resources so only one connection per client is required, significantly improving site performance. We also comply with PCI-DSS, NIST and HIPAA.

Never Outdated

You never worry about your PHP version, what might break when you upgrade, and whether you missed an update on any of your sites.


Dedicated email routing with a system of your choice such as MailGun, SendGrid, etc.


Reduce server load and bring your content to a global audience at ultrafast speeds, with our highly optimised CDN networks.


Always secure with SSL certificates included with all WordPress Hosting.


High optimised caching engines configured for your needs.



Multiple daily offsite backups and server replication to cover you for almost any disaster.

DDoS Mitigation

This is standard for all our systems. Our DDoS system works by dynamically routing traffic from your server when an attack is detected. Attack detection is fully automated based on proprietary detection algorithms, filtering attack traffic while clean traffic is able to reach your servers.

24/7 Server Health Monitoring

Your server is monitored 24/7 by our team and your account manager.

Security Scans & Hardening

Your site is scanned and hardened, this is reviewed monthly to ensure that your site is healthy and secure.

Get Started

Take your WordPress site to the next level with our bespoke hosting solutions. This isn’t ordinary WordPress hosting so we will need to review your requirements to give you a quote and make sure this is right for you.

Prices typically start at £70-£150 and range to over £1000 per month. All instances are built specifically for each client so costs will depend on your requirements.

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WordPress Consultancy by Lakewood Media

Fully Managed WordPress Solutions

Need more than WordPress hosting? We can manage your entire site or network from the WordPress updates to the backups, migrations, servers and security. Never see another control panel or command terminal again, instead, your team can concentrate making your visitors experience even better.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Don’t Need Bespoke WordPress Hosting?

If you don’t require a bespoke WordPress Hosting solution but still want performance, security and affordability then our WP Helper WordPress Hosting may be suitable for you.

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WP Helper WordPress Support & Maintenance Service

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