Google considers HTTPS/SSL to be the ranking signal within the Google search Algorithm. The appeal to consider HTTPS/SSL protection for website and was not much intense though, it was close to 1% of the search queries globally. However, Google confessed that the HTTPS ranking signal will be strengthened in the near future. Google is lenient with the websmasters due to the grace time given in reference to the transformation from HTTP to HTTPS. Google calls for the change to improve online security.
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Okay, so that said we going to explain how you can easily add SSL to your website for free using Cloudflare’s flexible SSL feature available on all plans. Let’s start by addressing the fact that this is an ideal solution for websites that are trying to get that little bit of extra favour from Google. This isn’t the best solution available for websites that will be accepting card payments on the site or sending sensitive data. The Cloudflare flexible SSL is completely free and you also get the added benefits of using Cloudflare, however this only secures the connection to the Cloudflare server and not the connection from Cloudflare to your physical server. That said, for websites that aren’t sending sensitive data this is a solid solution.