Whether your business is based online or not, all companies need to have some online presence in the digital age. With many consumers using online platforms to shop and search for brands and services, if your company doesn’t at least have a website, it might as well not exist.

However, while being online is a good start, there is also a lot of competition when it comes to ranking high in search engines and getting more traffic to your website, let alone converting those site hits into profits. This is why it is important to consider your online presence carefully, and below are a few basic tips to help you improve this.

Smart Website Design

A good place to start is to make sure that your business website is of the best quality that it can be. This means choosing fonts that are easy to read and colour schemes that reflect your branding but also are easy on the eyes when people scroll through your pages. All written content needs to be grammatically correct and concise, and all content, including imagery and video clips, needs to be relevant to what your business does.

You should also check all links are working for your pages (both internal and external links) and that the site is easy to navigate. You should also check that it is compatible with smartphones and other devices, as many people use them to search online rather than use laptops and computers, particularly when they are on the go.

Work Hard on Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Even if you still like to use print media and more traditional marketing methods, you do need to invest in a quality digital marketing strategy as well to have the best reach. This will help to improve your overall online presence and should drive more traffic to your website, which will help to move you higher in the search engine results.

Be Active on Social Media

When you’re running a business, sitting there thinking about tweets and Instagram stories is likely to be the furthest from your mind, but it is important to stay active on social media to improve your online presence. You don’t want to end up filling your followers’ feeds with irritating promotional posts every day but sharing some updates a few times a week can help encourage engagement and shows that your business is still operating smoothly.

A lot of social media platforms give you the option to schedule posts on their business dashboards, so this can make it easier for you to stay active without trying to think of new things to share every day.


There may be points specific to your industry that will help to enhance your online presence as a small business, but these outlined above are all great places to start. Make sure you are using these pointers so that you’re boosting brand awareness and attracting more customers each day.