Hereford Web Design Services

Lakewood media was founded in Herefordshire and we still run our primary operations from the rural county. As a small business ourself we understand the struggle of growing a business in a rural area, that’s why we have decided to help promote local businesses by helping them find a prominent position online. We offer special discounts for Hereford-based businesses looking to get online with our dedicated Hereford web design services.

Lakewood media Hereford web design, web development and SEO services
Lakewood media Hereford web design, web development and SEO services

Helping Herefordshire Businesses Grown Online

Lakewood is still very much a Hereford based business, we were originally founded in Bodenham in 2009 by Adam Haworth. Over the years we have grown to expand our services and now focus primarily on WordPress Consultancy, Web Design, Content Management and SEO Services. Web design is still at the heart of what we do however we are better adapted to growing your online business not just making a website for you. Our range of marketing and SEO services are integral to all web design projects we work on, all sites are developed to be SEO ready, super-fast and easily managed.

We work with Truffle Herefordshire to offer exclusive discounts for businesses based in Hereford, we currently offer a 7%-20% invoice discount for Hereford web design and Hereford SEO services. The discount will depend on the products and services you require.

We can offer a range of services to help your business grown online, we also offer discounts across our range of products including CloudCanvas and WP Helper.

Digital & Web Design


Branding and Identity are important to all businesses yet often overlooked in some startups and small businesses. We create a unique name and image for a business or product in the consumer’s mind through carefully designed branding. This can add trust to the consumer’s decision to choose your products or service.


Wireframing helps you understand the structure of your site in its most basic form with no eye candy to distract. Wireframing can help build solid user flows and understand positioning before time is invested in development.

Overall site design

We can design complete websites and applications ready for developers. Visualise the entire site and user flow before writing a single line of code, protecting your investment.

Navigational structure

We can consult on your existing navigation or completely design a new navigational structure for your website or application. Our navigation is focused on ease of use and intuitiveness, we want your users to easily and quickly move around your site and find what they are looking for.

User experience

User experience is fundamental in any web project, it is the blueprint to your end product. We create and design user experience strategies and wireframes that allow you to visualise your project and create an interface that will be intuitive for your users.

Logo & Brand Mark

We create recognisable logos and brand marks that are versatile and timeless, from start-ups to established businesses we can plan and design a logo that represents you. When creating a logo it will be designed to work with your existing brand, if you doing have a brand identity we will create an identity for your business and not a logo.


Typefaces can completely transform a website, we can help source or design a typeface for your project that will work with your brand image. Typography design will cover all aspects of the typeface, from sizing across various formats to colour palettes.

Web Development Services

WooCommerce Theme & Plugin Development

We build completely custom WooCommerce themes incorporating unique functions for your online store. WooCommerce development is perfect for growing stores that require functions that aren’t readily available within the core WooCommerce plugin or extensions.

WordPress Theme & Plugin Development

Need a bespoke WordPress theme or plugin developed? Our team of developers and designers can build compliant, secure and fast WordPress themes and plugins using years of experience and expertise with WordPress.

WordPress Theme Customisation

Have customisations made to your existing theme, we can make changes to any theme and even make them in a safe manner that won’t affect future theme updates.

WordPress Multisite Network Development

The WordPress Multisite Network has become a more and more powerful feature of WordPress that allows users to build networks or websites within a single WordPress installation. There are many drawbacks to the standard WordPress Multisite, we can help develop custom functions into your Multisite making it more versatile and flexible.