Over the past few years, WordPress has become a real powerhouse in the ecommerce sector. Woocommerce now powers over 26% of all online stores, that’s a big number when you think about it. Woocommerce has proven itself time and time again and now you can find big names using Woocommerce to power their online stores. Gone are the days when big sites would opt for a Magento or bespoke solution for ecommerce, Woocommerce can handle very large sites with ease.

In this article, I’m looking at a few unique ecommerce sites powered by WordPress and Woocommerce. These sites range from fashion to tools to give a range of diversity and hopefully offer some inspiration for your very own website.

Amazonia Font

Amazonia Font

The Amazonia font website is a very fun and clever site. For something as simple a font the site really pulls all stops out and show what is possible, even with just one product. The keyboard controls are great and the artwork is incredible throughout. Take a deeper look and also check the ‘Buy’ page.

Take a look at Amazonia Font


L.NOVUM Jewellery

L.NUVUM is men’s jewellery brand from the US. I picked this site for the minimal design and use of powerful photography. The shop section is clean, simple and very focused on photography and the product quality.

Take a look at Novum

Open Wear

Open Wear Sustainable Outerwear

An outerwear clothing company that creates sustainable and ethical products. I love the idea here as all things sustainable and ethical are usually good but the site is very creative with nice interactions between pages and overall a clean and innovative design. The product pages are very well designed with information about the product and how it was manufactured. All the way to the checkout Woocommerce is almost unrecognisable.

Check out Open Wear


Kues Backpacks

Keus is a backpack brand from Belgium, they specialise in high-quality backpacks. The Keus website is instantly unique due to the horizontal scroll, it takes a bit of getting used to but it is still intuitive. As with the other sites in this article, we like the minimal design and simple flow to the process of ordering and finding products. The single product pages are very rich with lots of information about each product.

Visit the Keus site

META Workstation

META Workstation

META is a high-end workstation for tattoo artists, the site is focused around the single product that can be customised. There is a focus on endorsements from leading tattoo artists around the world. The site is very clean and sharp with great attention to detail. The product pages are very detailed and allow for customizing of the Workstations.

Take a look at META