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We specialise in the design and development of bespoke websites. Whether your need is for a simple brochure website, ecommerce websites or complex web applications, we can make it for you. Our team has in-depth knowledge of all the latest industry standards and always adapt and support new technologies, so your new website works for you and more importantly your users.

User Experience and Wireframe design

All our full service website projects start with user experience strategy and wireframe design. In short before any code is written you can see the layout of the site and understand how your visitor/customer will navigate to the end page. Detailed reports will be compiled on your target demographic to tailor the design of your site to your specific target audience.

Built in SEO

Every site we build is made with clean, efficient, tested code, this is the first step to ensuring your site complies with requirements for well a placed search position. Each site is optimised for the fastest possible load times and we can implement SEO management plugins if required by the client.

Web design with built in SEO


Now more than ever cyber security is a pressing factor in any web project, regardless of how simple it may be. We follow a standard practice on all our sites to ensure all aspects of the site are fully secured and protected from vulnerabilities. From beginning of 2016 we install SSL certificates on all client sites.

Website design security

Starting your web project

Starting your web project is a stress free process with us. From initial concepts to reviewing prototypes we make the whole experience pain free and enjoyable! Whether you want to make small changes to an existing international site or you want a complete solution for a startup we can help.

Lakewood can also help you with existing sites and infrastructure, we can build and consult on hosting and network solutions.

We are also well positioned to offer expert advice and discounted rates on an array of services from Google Apps for Work to Amazon Web Services. All this means that what we create for you is not just a solid website but a fail proof, efficient online system for your business.



What can I expect to spend on a bespoke site?
All our web design and development projects are quoted per project on the estimated time it will take to complete, we will provide you with a complete breakdown of the costs along with the timeframe for the project. Designing and developing a website usually takes at least 4 weeks and some projects can last months. You can expect to pay a minimum of £1550-£2000 for a complete web design and development project.

Please visit CloudCanvas for low cost web solutions or click here to go get an instant estimate for your website to be built for you.

How long will my project take?
As mentioned above a bespoke website design and development project usually takes a minimum of 4 weeks, realistically most projects take 2 months to complete. This very much depends on the type of project and services required.

What deposit is required?
We require a cleared deposit of at least 50% of the total balance before we commence any project.

What payment methods do we accept?
We accept almost all forms of payment including; BACS, Direct Debit, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and all other major credit and debit cards. We don’t however accept cheque or cash unless a prior agreement has been made.

What aftercare is included?
When we provide you with a quote and proposal a deadline will be outlined and we will agree a launch date for your project. We provide 3 weeks of aftercare from the launch date, this covers small changes to your project and dedicated support. After this period we will be available to offer support and guidance but any unplanned changes to your site will be billed at an hourly rate. We provide all our clients with guidance to maintain their own websites and use CMS that allow anyone to add content and make changes.

Do we offer ongoing support?
Yes, you can email us for support at anytime. We created WP Helper a WordPress support and maintenance service that we offer to all our clients with WordPress powered websites. Visit WP Helper.

Who owns the website at the end?
You will own the rights to your website at the end of the project, upon the final payment. You can read more in our terms and conditions.

Can we spread the cost or pay monthly?
We we can provide a payment plans to suit your needs. A credit check will be carried out when payments are made monthly and we will setup a Direct Debit for payments to be collected.

Looking for a low-cost website?

In June 2016 we launched the CloudCanvas Platform to help small businesses get online without having to outlay a large sum of money. CloudCanvas websites start from less than £5 per month and go up to £45 per month for a complex online store. CloudCanvas is a WordPress website platform designed to give you everything you need to run your website using WordPress.

We can design your site using the CloudCanvas system should you need for a small fee or you can use an existing template or start from scratch with the extremely easy to use Divi page builder. Get an instant quote for us to design and launch your website on CloudCanvas

Visit CloudCanvas

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