CloudCanvas WordPress Development & Design

The idea behind CloudCanvas came after we started to develop an internal platform for small WordPress sites that didn’t need dedicated environments. We soon realised that we could build a platform that made WordPress easier to use and more accessible to everyone.


  • Build WordPress powered platform where users can signup for a site easily and start using instantly.
  • Design a highly optimised server stack that could scale with the number of sites needed.nbsp;
  • Build a security layer that would provide an extremely high level of protection for all sites from DDoS to spam comments.
  • Design a primary site using the Divi Theme.
  • Design the CloudCanvas Brand

What we did

  • We developed a network that allows users to signup for a site with a monthly or annual payment.
  • The user can access their site instantly with a staging domain and add their own domain for launch.
  • The entire network has a hardened layer of security to protect from all levels of threats on all sites.
  • Designed a primary site with a fork of the Divi Theme.


  • CloudCanvas is now a Premium WordPress Hosting provider.

We designed and developed CloudCanvas from the ground up to make managing, launching and building WordPress powered website affordable, secure and simple. We also wanted to include premium features, themes and plugins so we modified the WordPress core to include hundreds of extra features and packed in many premium themes and plugins.

CloudCanvas takes away all the technical aspects of running a WordPress website and leaves the user to concentrate on their content and visitors.

CloudCanvas is powered by a scalable network of servers that provide a 99.99% uptime we also moved the media to an AWS location and serve via a content delivery network automatically for all sites without any configuration. Static content on all CloudCanvas websites is served via our CDN, performance is an important factor and we every site has minified styles and scripts that improve load time drastically and comply better with Google PageSpeed rating.

Lakewood also designed the CloudCanvas branding which is reflected across the network, we wanted to give CloudCanvas a clean minimal feel that reflects the simplicity we aim to achieve with the platform.


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