Pedal Your Cycle Newspaper Print Design, WordPress design & Development, WordPress Consultancy and SEO Services.

Pedal Your Cycle was one of the first premium, free cycling newspapers to be launched in the UK in 2014. The idea behind the business is to provide a hub of cycling information for all cyclists, not just amateurs or professionals. The paper received so much positive feedback from the West Midlands edition that a second edition of the paper was launched in Oxfordshire and the Chilterns.


  • Design a leading local cycling newspaper.
  • Develop a WordPress theme.
  • Design an online newspaper.

What we did

  • Designed bi-monthly newspapers for Pedal Your Cycle.
  • Developed a system for managing content with a distributed team.
  • Designed and developed a WordPress theme that integrated with the content system to publish content from the print newspaper online easily.

Lakewood designed all editions of the Pedal Your Cycle newspaper and consulted with the management and process of producing each paper. We integrated a system using Google for Work to connect all members of the Pedal Your Cycle team in both locations in the UK, allowing remote teams to work together seamlessly.

Alongside the printed newspaper we also designed and developed a website, this in itself was a huge part of the Pedal Your Cycle business model. The website acted as a second arm of the business, starting a print business in 2014 was a risky undertaking for Pedal Your Cycle and with our help, we helped them develop an online following.

Rather than trying to create a digital version of the paper online we designed a website to showcase the content from the newspaper in a native layout for digital media. We debated for a while if an interactive version of the paper should be produced but we argued that print is designed to be viewed as print and not on a screen. We discovered the best way to make a print version available on screen was to make it work natively.

During our time working with Pedal Your Cycle we have completed an array of different services including content creation and photography, we have photographed a local Cyclocross event held by Pedal Your Cycle in Hereford and even produced content for their newspaper and website.