WP Helper WordPress Support & Maintenance Service

We wanted to improve the way WordPress websites are maintained by creating an affordable yet feature-rich WordPress support and maintenance service for businesses and individuals.


  • Design a WordPress website for WP Helper.
  • Create a versatile support booking system with dynamic pricing.
  • Create a plan system where customers can signup for a support or maintenance plan.
  • Design a primary site using the Divi Theme to allow quick launching and easy editing.
  • Design a logo for WP Helper.

What we did

  • Designed a primary site with a fork of the Divi Theme.
  • Used Gravity forms to build a one-off support booking system with complex options and instant payment options.
  • Built a Gravity form powered plan signup process with reoccurring payments using Stripe.
  • Designed a logo and brand that keys in with the sister business CloudCanvas.
  • Built a support ticketing system for better processing of requests.
  • Developed WP Helper support system plugin for clients sites.


WP Helper provides competitive WordPress support and maintenance plans to many of our existing clients and hundreds of new clients since launching in 2016.

WP Helper is an internal project that we launched in 2016 to provide one-off and ongoing WordPress support solutions for small to large businesses and individuals.

We wanted to allow people to request one-off support and get help the same day without having to registered for a monthly plan. The WP Helper website was designed using a modified version of the Divi theme. The design was focused on the process of getting one-off support to be quick and easy and also offer various plans to the users should they need them. Using Gravity forms we built a seamless process where users can identify their WordPress problems and then book support and even pay using a card to allow us to provide support immediately. We also built additional secure forms to allow the safe sending of credentials.

The WordPress support plans also use Gravity forms to allow customers to start a plan quickly and easily and also pay online using a card, we implemented recurring payments using Stripe to ensure that invoices don’t get missed.

Lakewood also developed various plugins that are used on clients website to improve performance, enhance security and help users get the most from their WordPress website.

Overall WP helper is a seamless service that offers an affordable, safe and easy way to get WordPress support and also ongoing support plans.