We have been working on an exciting project since the new year and this week we are proud to launch the public BETA version of CloudCanvas. What is CloudCanvas? Since 2013 we have specialised in high-end bespoke websites that cost anything from £1000 upwards, we have to constantly turn away small businesses, students, bloggers, artists, etc that can’t afford to outlay large sums of money or just don’t need an expensive bespoke site. We wanted to help these businesses out, we wanted to build a solid platform where they could have a website from as little as £5 per month with incredibly powerful features yet remain easy to maintain.

CloudCanvas is essentially a WordPress powered website builder. In a world dominated by Wix, Weebly and Squarespace what makes us different? We didn’t set out to build CloudCanvas as a website builder for the masses, we built CloudCanvas so we could help and guide all our users and give them tools powerful tools and make them easy to use and understand.

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A better way to get online

You don’t have to choose between a web designer or a ‘build your own’ website, CloudCanvas give you the best of both. With CloudCanvas there are no limits to what you can do, with our support on hand to help you implement anything you want on your website. Start a blog, cover page, eCommerce store, members forum, the list goes on.

Lakewood media Web Development & SEO Services

Flexible and affordable pricing

One of the key aims when building Canvas was to make it affordable, we came up with 4 different plans that we felt covered all needs from complex commerce sites to cover page websites. You can get a Cover Page Website with Canvas for just £5 per month or even less if you pay quarterly or annually.

We want Canvas to be affordable for everyone with flexible payment terms with monthly, quarterly or annual payment periods. Having a fixed flexible pricing structure allows our users to forecast costs effectively and even spread the cost with monthly payments.

Getting Started with Canvas

We are looking for businesses and individuals around Herefordshire to join the first users of CloudCanvas, we will be giving you a substantial discount being some of the first users of CloudCanvas and will also help you migrate your existing site or build you site using CloudCanvas.

If you are interested please visit the CloudCanvas website or email [email protected].