Branding and Identity Design

Branding and Identity is important to all businesses yet often overlooked in some startups and small businesses. We create a unique name and image for a business or product in the consumer’s mind through carefully designed branding. This can add trust to the consumer’s decision to choose your products or service.

Brand design for Craft Can Directory

Logo & Brand Mark Design

Your logo identifies your organisation, it should stick in people’s minds and be recognisable at a glance. It should be simple yet represent your business clearly. Logos come in all shapes and forms and designing the perfect logo for your organisation takes time, planning and testing.

You see brand marks every day, from Apple to Facebook we can all recognise business from a simple brand mark.

We create recognisable logos and brand marks that are versatile and timeless, from startups to established businesses we can plan and design a logo that represents you. When creating a logo it will be designed to work with your existing brand, if you doing have a brand identity we will create an identity for your business and not a logo.

Strap Lines

Think of the strap line ‘Every little helps’, not many people will fail to associate that strap line with Tesco. Our copywriters and brand consultants can help you create a strap line synonymous to you business.

In Your Village Branding

Complete Brand Identity Design

From colour palette to typography, identity should be uniform across your business. We can plan, design and implement a complete identity design for your business.

We take time to get to understand your business, what you do and who your demographic are. From here we can start planning the styles of the identity to match your type of industry and demography. Identity design can be a long process of testing styles, gaining feedback and adjusting to your needs. Once a brand guideline has been created we can hand the brand identity over to you to implement throughout your business or we can implement it for you. From email signatures to vehicle vinyl we can implement your brand throughout your entire organisation.


What can I expect to spend on a Branding and Identity Design?
This very much depends on what you require, a simple logo design can be as little as £100. A full identity design package will cost around £500-£1000+.

How long will my project take?
Branding and identity design can be a long process, we will work to your timeline and aim to have a completion within 30 days. We offer ongoing support and adjustments for 3 weeks after the completion date.

What deposit is required?
We require a cleared deposit of at least 50% of the total balance before we commence any project.

What payment methods do we accept?
We accept almost all forms of payment including; BACS, Direct Debit, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and all other major credit and debit cards. We don’t however accept cheque or cash unless a prior agreement has been made.

What aftercare is included?
When we provide you with a quote and proposal a deadline will be outlined and we will agree a launch date for your project. We provide 3 weeks of aftercare from the launch date, this covers small changes to your project and dedicated support. After this period we will be available to offer support and guidance but any unplanned changes to your site will be billed at an hourly rate. We provide all our clients with guidance to maintain their own websites and use CMS that allow anyone to add content and make changes.

Do we offer ongoing support?
Yes, you can email us for support at anytime. If you require dedicated ongoing support and maintenance then we can provide you with a unique support and maintenance plan for your project.

Our Terms and Conditions
See our terms and conditions.

Can we spread the cost or pay monthly?
We we can provide a payment plans to suit your needs. A credit check will be carried out when payments are made monthly and we will setup a Direct Debit for payments to be collected.

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